How to make my hair grows faster and prevent hair loss?


How to make my hair grows faster and prevent hair loss?

How to make my hair grows faster and prevent hair loss?

Here's the second post on the hair structure. We will talk about hair growth and density. And you can learn about How to make my hair grows faster and prevent hair loss?

In our first post, we have already talked about "That's the reason why you need to know the hair structure." It's the key to solve lots of professional problems from your clients or your hair vendor.

Hair growth is the normal phenomenon but actually do you really understand why everyone's hair grows, what's the way they grow? And how to make the hair grow faster?


1. Hair growth cycle

1.1 Growth period

Hair follows the rule of constantly growing, falling, and regrowth. The first period of hair growth is quite fast, and it is called the growth period. The hair growth period is on average from two to six years; which varies according to gender, age, physical health, and other factors. There are about eighty-five to ninety percent of hair is at this stage.

1.2 Degeneration period

After the growth period, the hair and the hair follicles will enter the transition period (also known as degeneration period). Normally, the degeneration period will only keep for a few days or a few weeks. At this time, the hair stops growing.  And about three to four percent of the hair is at this stage.

1.3 Suspension period

When the hair follicles completely stop their activity, the end of the hair root will gradually shrink, forming a state of stillness. During this period, the hair can still be attached to the scalp for about three months, until the roots of the new hair come out, which is called a growth periodAs long as the hair follicles are still alive, and attached to the hair, the hair cycle will continue its cyclic growth. So if the hair is not damaged, the hair follicle can grow new hair.

2.The Features of the hair growth speed.

2.1 The hair grows faster at daytime than nighttime.

2.2 During spring and summer (May and July), the hair grows faster than in winter and autumn.

2.3 Females grow faster than males
2.4 Between the 15 and 24 years old, the hair will grow at its fastest rate, and after 60 years old it starts slowing down.
2.5  When the hair is shorter it grows faster, but when it grows up to 25-30cm, the growth will slow down.
2.6 Our body's health and hormone secretion will also affect hair growth.

3. Hair density

The surface of the human head is on average 780cm². Each 6.5cm² has one thousand hairs

The amount of hair in each person depends on the color and other differences.
People with blonde hair have about one hundred forty thousand hairs.

People with brown hair have about one hundred ten thousand hairs.

People with black hair have about one hundred eight thousand hairs.
The average person's hair is about 100 to 120 thousand hairs, if with 150 thousand it is already considered a lot if between 60 to 70 thousand it is already considered with less hair.

4. Natural hair loss

We lose hair every day, so how many hairs we lose per day is normal?
On average we lose between 40 to 60 hairs per day; if it exceeds this quantity, then there is a problem with the hair.

Why your hair will fall out? And what we do will cause hair loss

Many adverse effects on hair follicles will cause the growing hair to enter in the remaining stages ahead of time, resulting in large quantities of hair loss. This is because the hair absorbs all kinds of elements, such as all kinds of drugs, hormone secretion disorders, high tension, high fever, surgeries. 

Abnormal hair loss is sometimes only temporary, as long as the hair follicle is not damaged, and after the above reasons disappear, the hair can return to normal, but it needs 3 to 6 months.

What is the sign of baldness?

If the hair has the tendency to become bald, the new hair growing on the head will follow a new growing cycle and will become shorter and shorter, and sparse; this is a sign of baldness

Since hair loss is greatly damaged our appearance, so how should we do to prevent hair loss in our daily life?

1. Do not make hairstyles that pull on the hair. ( You can try the hair extensions like clip in hair extensions, tape hair extensions which are a perfect choice for you to get more hair volume in a healthy and harmless way.  )

2. Do not use high-heat hair styling tools

3. Do not chemically treat or bleach your hair

4. Do use the shampoo that's mild and suited for your hair
5. Do Use a soft brush made from natural fibers
6. Do keep your good mood, do more exercise,  and eat more fruits are also super important.

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