​How hair factories manufacture tape-in hair extensions in bulk? (DIY also available)


    How hair factories manufacture tape-in hair extensions in bulk? (DIY also available)



Prepare the hair material of what our clients request.

    1. Buy hair bulk from the hair material factory.


    2. Overacid and bleaching. 

    If the customer does not have specific requests, factories will go for acid treatment and sterilization first. After the acid treatment, it needs to be neutralized with ammonia and can be bleached at the same time.
(Ammonia plays a very important role in these processes. First, it neutralizes the acid, and then makes the hair smooth, tangle-free.)

    3. Hair sorting and weighting.

     Organize the messy hair and pick out the different hair. According to the weight, separate and arrange the hair corresponding to the weight.

Production process.


        4. Expand the double-sided adhesive tape.    

 Generally, a piece of long glass is used as a mat to expand the double-sided adhesive tape for a long length.

            5. Set the organized hair on the tape.         

Set the finished hair on the sticky side of the double-sided tape. When setting the hair, the hair needs to be protruded a bit.    

                6.Brush glue.             

Brush the organized hair with South Korean glue and bake in the oven; after it is dry, brush the glue and bake again for five times to form the glue surface on the back.        

                7. Trimming the protruding hair.            


                8. According to the requests of customers, directly pack or paste another double-sided tape on the other side.            

                How hair factories manufacture tape-in hair extensions in bulk?(DIY also available)            

Actually, if you are a personal buyer, you can also follow the processes and make your own tape in hair extensions.

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