Die Dinge des echten chinesischen Haarmarktes, die Ihnen Ihr Haarverkäufer niemals erzählen wird.


Die Dinge des echten chinesischen Haarmarktes, die Ihnen Ihr Haarverkäufer niemals erzählen wird.

China hat die größte Bevölkerung der Welt und die Anzahl der menschlichen Haare ist jedes Jahr sehr groß. Auch chinesisches Haar ist relativ dick, was in jede Farbe gefärbt werden kann. Daher bevorzugen Haarmarken aus aller Welt, Haarfabriken in China als Lieferanten zu finden. Tatsächlich ist der chinesische Haarmarkt jedoch weitaus komplizierter als Sie denken.

In diesem Artikel werden wir über die Unterschiede zwischen den fünf Qualitäten von Haarmaterialien sprechen, die häufig auf dem Markt vorkommen. Ich hoffe, dass Sie den chinesischen Haarmarkt besser verstehen können, damit Sie besser verstehen und wissen, wie Sie eine zuverlässige und professionelle Haarfabrik auswählen können.

Es gibt fünf Qualitäten im Zusammenhang mit dem Haar extensions material in Chinese Haar material market: Non-remy Haar, remy Haar, (virgin remy Haar in(6”-10”), virgin remy Haar, virgin Haar.

Actually, the well-known types of Haar quality are non-remy Haar, remy Haar or virgin Haar.

  1. What is non-remy Haar?

Non-remy Haar refers to the Haar whose Wurzeln and tips are not in the same direction. It causes the Haar scales on the Haar to cross each other, and it is easier to tangle, so it must be processed with acid.

Acid processing is to remove a layer of scales from the Haar, so that the Haar is smoother and will not tangle, but the Haar will lose the protection of scales so the service life will be reduced. Therefore, the price of non-remy Haar is cheaper than the price of remy Haar and virgin Haar.

1.1 Non-remy Haar has the largest volume in the Chinese Haar market.

1.2 But Chinese factories don’t sell too much Chinese non-remy Haar but foreign non-remy Haar like Southeast Asian Haar and South Asian Haar because their Haar material volume are also very big and more important is cheaper. However, their Haar is not thick as Chinese Haar so that they may have some problems of bleaching and dyeing. So if you hope the Haar you buy from your Chinese vendor which can be bleached and dyed into light colors, you need to make sure they sell you the Chinese Haar or Vietnam Haar.

1.3 The best non-remy Haar in China called the Yunnan non-remy Haar. Because of the quality is good so some factories will mix them into the remy Haar then call them “remy Haar” and sell them to you in a cheap price. Because it’s quite difficult to tell if you are not professional, so a lot of clients will get treated and they have never noticed until some of their professional clients find out. 

  1. What is remy Haar?

Actually, remy Haar is made from non-remy Haar, only that the Wurzeln and ends of the Haar are aligned in one direction by the machine.

Because the scales also go in one direction, it is not easy to tangle. Although the process makes them in one direction, this process will damage some of the scales. Therefore, the quality of remy Haar is not good as the virgin Haar is directly cut off.

  1. The 6”-10” virgin remy Haar

Virgin remy Haar in 6”-10” long called the 6”-10” virgin remy Haar in China.

Und es gibt zwei Arten davon.

Einer ist der normale Typ, sie sehen grau-schwarz aus und können nur in die Farbe Nr. 27 gefärbt werden.

Zweitens ist der Typ der ersten Klasse, sie sehen sehr schwarz aus und können hellblond gefärbt werden

Why this type of Haar material would has a name in the market?

It is because the products such as hand-tied Haar pieces and dreadlocks do not need the very long Haar materia, and do not need such a good-quality. The Haar materials that are able to be dyed and styling would be good enough.

  1. What is virgin remy Haar?

Virgin remy Haar is the Haar directly cut from the donor, and why it’s not the virgin Haar is because clients have different demands on the ratio. And factories will mix the remy Haar with the virgin Haar to add the volume, meet the ratio and reduce the cost.

Virgin remy Haar must not mix with the synthetic fiber.

  1. What is virgin Haar? (The highest grade of Haar)

Virgin Haar in also called braided Haar, which is directly cut off from the donor and without any treatment, the Haar was bundled for storage after being cut.

The well-known cuticle aligned Haar, virgin Haar and baby Haar is made from this Haar material.

What are the differences between non-remy Haar and virgin Haar(remy Haar in some clients country)?

What's the different between remy Haar and non-remy Haar?

  1. Look at the appearance. Virgin Haar has scales, but it is generally not being acid processed and does not require emu oil. Sometimes it seems a little dry. After processing through multiple processes, the appearance of non-remy Haar is shiny.

  2. Feel them by hands. Feel them from the root to the end, it is smooth; from the end to the root, it is rough, then it’s the remy Haar. After removing the scales, no matter how you touch it, it is basically no tangling, and it is very smooth when you touch them. In addition, non-remy Haar is much cheaper than virgin Haar, so the non-remy Haar is more welcomed than the virgin Haar in the market.

What are the same and different points between virgin remy Haar and Virgin Haar?

  1. The prices of raw materials between virgin remy Haar and virgin Haar are not much different, but they have big difference in processing price.

  2. Most of the virgin remy Haar is virgin Haar, but because of the requirements of cost or ratio, factories will mix some remy Haar inside.

  3. Virgin remy Haar can be directly used to produce the product, and the virgin Haar needs some other processes.

For customers, there is no such a thing as the best Haar or the worst Haar, only the matters of which one suit them better.

For some customers, they didn’t have much experience like emu oil and Haar dye, so they have a very original Haar, and the virgin Haar may be more matches with their own Haar. However, because this kind of Haar is more difficult to collect, the price will be more expensive.

However, some customers often do their Haar so the Haar may be damaged for some points. At this time, you can choose the non-remy Haar or the remy Haar, which matchs your Haar better and looks more natural, and the point is that the price will be more Cheap and affordable.

Why choose JiffyHaar?

Because the demand for Haar extensions is increasing, and Chinese domestic competition is very large, many companies will choose to reduce the cost by mixing other bad Haar material, so that the selling price can be reduced. The domestic market has brought bad reputation abroad because of adulteration.

Our company promises to never follow this behavior, because price is never the reason why a company can grow bigger and stronger; integrity and quality are. Our company is 100% upholding the principle of integrity, and promises never adulterate chemical fiber Haar, never adulterate animal Haar, never adulterate bad Haar. If anyone finds that the product contains a lot of unqualified Haar, our company will immediately take back the Haar, refund or redo the product to you.

At the same time, our company has an absolute advantage in the price of the same quality Haar in the market, but we are not here to compare our virgin Haar with the "virgin Haar" from other factories which mixed with non-remy Haar inside and say it is the “virgin Haar”.

Last but not least, the Virgin Haar we bought at our factory will do the quality check again to ensure that the Haar is of the same quality. This is a process that other factories will not do, and this is one of the biggest advantages in our factory compared to other factories.

Say much is not more important than see and test by yourself, if you do really want your Haar brand to be the best in Haar industry, just be our partner, we can help you to grow your business.

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